AKVTS understand your needs, frustrations and concerns, and we want to be the service provider to help solve your problems and make headaches disappear! There are many variables to consider when looking at the cost of a transcription service provider. A transcription service is more than just delivering a typed document. Factors to be considered include quality of transcription, the turnaround time provided, availability of online review and editing capabilities, E-signature, automatic printing and file delivery to multiple clinics, auto faxing, availability of a convenient variety of delivery methods, the ability to integrate with back office systems and EMR (at no additional cost!), forwarding or faxing to referring physicians, accessibility of reports to clinic staff 24/7 in a secure HIPAA and HITECH
compliant setting, and a plethora of other services…

Consider the value A-K Valley Transcription Service, LLC brings to the table. Our transcriptionists are all seasoned MTs, each possessing between 15-35 years of experience! There will be no entry-level people transcribing our clients’ work. Nothing will ever be outsourced overseas which could be a cost savings effort for some MTSOs, but at great risk to the client in professionalism, accuracy, security/HIPAA compliance and overall quality. We refuse to jeopardize our great reputation to increase profits by sending work offshore as many services are doing. Instead, our technology allows us to charge discounted lines for routinely populated text that save you hundreds of dollars. We believe our clients deserve the best service possible, and we believe you will receive that using A-K Valley Transcription Service, LLC.

We are small enough to give personalized individual attention to each client we service, but large enough to handle all medical specialties and large volume accounts with ease. Additionally, all MTs sign a Business Associate/Subcontractor’s Agreement and are trained and educated regarding HIPAA privacy practices. We respect the privacy of our clients and their patients. We offer our clients an automated work-flow process on an ASP platform that is user friendly and fully customizable with detailed management reports showing turn-around time, # of unsigned transcriptions, to-the-minute line counts and even accurate monitoring of status including dictation timeliness and final signature processing. Converting to an electronic record has financial benefits to your organization, and streamlines the entire documentation process. Won’t you let us help you achieve excellence and proficiency in your office documentation?


Emdat is our technology partner that provides our clients with an electronic record.

Serving Clients Across the Nation

A-K Valley Transcription Serviceā€¦.Located in the Pittsburgh PA area…
but servicing clients anywhere in the United States!



A-K Valley Transcription Service (AKVTS) is at the forefront of technology offering Hospitals, Medical Facilities and Private Physician Groups software as a service using The Emdat Suite of Applications which completely automates the entire dictation, transcription and documentation process. Our totally integrated web-based system interfaces with any EMR system with no cost to the medical facility for the interfacing!


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