Benefits of Contracting with AKVTS

Now is the best time to go paperless with your medical records. Consider converting your medical practice records into electronic health records. Read below to see all the ways you can benefit from this change.

In 2009, the government passed The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), as a way to encourage medical practitioners to modernize their medical transcription practices. Medical institutions that participate by converting their paper documents into electronic health records by the end of 2014 can receive millions of dollars in incentives! In layman’s terms, the government wants to pay you for making your transcription services operate more efficiently than before! If you’re interested in participating in this program you have to act fast! Medical institutions that don’t modernize their medical transcription practices before 2015 will begin to receive penalties for non-compliance.

Still not convinced about the benefits of electronic transcription services? Electronic health records are much more accessible than their paper counterpart. Suppose one of your clients has a medical emergency while they are out of state. If they need their medical records, electronic health records can be sent to the necessary facility in a fraction of a second. Imagine the time and stress you can save for your patients by having their records available online.

Advantages of Emdat Technologies

Emdat is an emerging transcription technology provider for facilities that are seeking a reliable way to produce and store electronic health records that are more compliant with the government regulations. At A-K Valley Transcription Service, LLC we perform all our transcription services using Emdat technology. Emdat allows for practitioners to record documents while dictating. This significantly reduces the time spent recording data in hand-written documentation or point-and-click entries, which allows for you to focus on what really matters, your patients. Point-and-click procedures offered by EMR companies are generally unfavored by a majority of physicians who still feel dictation offers the best solution for complete documentation and meaningful use compliance without sacrificing the important face-to-face patient interaction most physicians and their patients prefer.

Once your transcription is finished, your electronic health records are stored on Emdat’s secure, encrypted servers and provide searchable records that are available to our clients indefinitely, as long as you remain a client of ours. We provide automated faxing, printing, editing, E-signing and many other customizable tools to streamline all your office procedures. All access is password protected and secure only to authorized users!

A-K Valley Transcription Service, LLC operates with the goal of bringing your facility into full compliance while allowing your medical practice to operate more efficiently. We have the tools available to help you make this important and easy transition. Call us today to get started.

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  • Reduced transcription costs with qualified text for routine characters in transcribed documents
  • No monetary investment required for a web-based platform full of customizable settings based on client needs
  • Clinicians continue to dictate — Emdat’s hybrid model of clinical documentation capture keeps physicians productive while also enjoying the benefits of an EHR
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) interface at no cost to you. It’s all included!
  • Speech recognition
  • Electronic signature
  • Streamlined easy to follow on-line workflow
  • Automated follow up copies for referring clinicians
  • State-of-the-art security ensuring HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Technical support. Call the Help Desk!
  • Industry acceptance
  • No-nonsense pricing
  • Full selection of reports/statistics available
  • Discrete reportable transcription